Extech PQ3450-12  

PQ3450-12: 1200A Datalogging Power Analyzer Kit

Datalogging Power Analyzer (up to 30,000 sets of measurements) and 1200A Current Clamp Probes (set of 3)

The PQ3450 is a 3-phase power analyzer/data logger capable of logging up to 30,000 sets of measurements in Excel format on a removable SD memory card. Large dot-matrix, sun-readable, numerical, backlit LCD with easy-to-use onscreen menu. Full system analysis with up to 35 parameters. Adjustable Current Transformer CT (1 to 600) and Potential Transformer PT (1 to 1000) ratio for high power distribution systems. Log up to 30,000 reading on a removable SD memory card in Excel® format. Wide sampling rate range (2 seconds to 2 hours). Built-in Clock and Calendar. Complete with 4 voltage leads with alligator clips, three 1200A current clamps, 8 AA batteries, SD card, 100-240V AC adaptor and case.