This product has been discontinued.
Extech MO270

MO270: Wireless Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

Combination moisture meter with graphical LCD and detachable sensor

The MO270 is a Wireless Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter with detachable pin/pinless sensors that transmits data to the display and can be viewed from a remote location up to 65ft (20m) from the measurement point. Measurements are viewed on a full color graphical display. Readings from 8 remote sensors can be viewed on the display. Receiver can record data from 40 remote sensors simultaneously. Trending Mode displays a graphical representation of live readings for fast scanning of large areas. Included Telescoping Handle extends to 4ft (1.2m) for easy reach (optional 9.8ft (3m) and 16.4ft (5m) handles available). Complete with 9V battery, remote pin probe, replacement pins, protective cap, and pouch case.