This product has been discontinued. Take a look at FLIR DM90/DM91 or FLIR DM92/DM93
Extech MM560A

MM560A: MultiMaster® High-Accuracy Multimeter

True RMS Multimeter with 50,000/500,000 count LCD

The MM560A is a high accuracy multimeter. Full range multimeter functions with 0.03% basic DCV accuracy and up to 20kHz True RMS ACV bandwidth. 4 to 20mA, displayed as 0-100% for process current measurements. Capacitance, Frequency, Resistance, Continuity, Duty cycle and Diode tests with 600V input protection on all functions (1000V on Voltage). Max/Min recording with auto ranging, Auto Power off, Relative & Hold, Peak function captures transient pulses. Optional Windows compatible PC communication software and optically isolated cable. Complete with test leads, protective holster with stand and 9V battery.