This kit has been discontinued. Take a look at the individual products: MG300, 42509, MA430T
Extech MG300-ETK

MG300-ETK: Electrical Troubleshooting Kit

Test and measurement kit for electrical installation, troubleshooting, and repair

The Extech MG300-ETK Electrical Troubleshooting Kit includes three compact tools that are indispensable at a customer site for electrical installation, troubleshooting, and repair. The first tool in the kit is the MG300, a 13 Function Wireless True RMS MultiMeter/Insulation Tester featuring 125 Volt, 250 Volt, 500 Volt and 1000 Volt test voltages, insulation resistance from 0.001MOhm to 4000MOhm, auto discharge of capacitive voltage, lock power on function for hands-free operation, data hold, min/max, relative mode, auto power off and more at a CAT IV 600 Volt safety rating. The second tool is the 42509 Dual Laser IR Thermometer with Color Alert which measures IR temperature up to 950°F (510°C). The third tool in this kit is the MA430T 400 Amp True RMS AC/DC clamp meter with built-in non-contact voltage detector, 6 functions and a CAT III 600 Volt safety rating.