Extech HDV650W-10G

HDV650W-10G: HD VideoScope Wireless Plumbing Kit with HDV600 Monitor and 10m Probe

Inspection Camera with Wireless Handset, 25mm camera head, 60° FOV/Long Depth of Field Probe (10m)

The HDV650W-10G is a Plumbing Video Scope Kit that features a Wireless Handset for up to 10m (33ft) working distance. SD memory card included to store over 15,000 images. 5.7" color LCD TFT with high definition 640 x 480 VGA pixel resolution. Complete with VideoScope, wireless handset, 25mm camera probe, SD card, 3.7V rechargeable battery, patch cable, AC adapter (110-240V, four plugs), USB and AV cables, and hard carrying case.