Extech EX900  

EX900: ExStik® 4-in-1 Chlorine, pH, ORP and Temperature Kit

Chlorine, pH, ORP and Temperature measurements with all the necessary accessories

The Extech EX900 ExStik® 4-In-1 Kit includes a CL200 meter, pH and ORP electrodes, reagent tablets (50 tests), four plastic cups, a weighted stand, pH buffer pouches, four CR2032 batteries, 48-inch neckstrap, carrying case, and user manual. The meter measures total chlorine, pH, ORP, and temperature with interchangeable flat surface electrodes that are included. Flat surface electrodes work in liquids, semi-solids and solids. Built-in memory can store/recall up to 15 readings and save the last calibrated value. It has a large 3-1/2 digit (2000 count) digital display with a bargraph and an automatic electronic self-calibration function for chlorine and ORP (1, 2, or 3 point buffer calibration for pH).