This product has been discontinued. Replaced by 382270 - Quad Output DC Power Supply
Extech DCP60-220

Extech DCP60-220: 600W Switching Power Supply (220V)

High Efficiency Switching Power Supply with Low Ripple and Noise

The Extech Instruments DCP60 is highly efficient, incorporates upgraded SMPS circuitry with small form factor, benefits from an automatic cross-over for CC and CV, has three voltage/current presets, and can be remote controlled. The DCP60 is perfect for solving a variety of loading conditions and applications. DC Power Supplies are used to simulate, power, and test circuits, instruments, solenoids, relays, and motors. The variable DC voltages and currents (0-60 volts and 0-30 amps) conveniently permit the user to match the supply's output to a specific application. For example, if an integrated circuit requires 5 volts or 9 volts power, the supply can be configured to output the necessary signal with high precision. Complete with power cords.