Extech DCP60

Extech DCP60: 600W Switching Power Supply (120V)

High Efficiency Switching Power Supply with Low Ripple and Noise

The highly efficient DCP60 incorporates upgraded SMPS circuitry with small form factor, benefits from an automatic cross-over for CC and CV, has three voltage/current presets, and can be controlled remotely. The DCP60 is perfect for solving a variety of loading conditions and applications. With the 60-Volt/10-Amp output, the maximum current can be limited to 5 Amps using the auxiliary output on the front panel (10 Amp main output is available on the back panel). The DCP60 also provides dual action rotary encoder control with push knob for fine and coarse tuning enables quick setting of voltage/current; remote control for output voltage/current and on/off; three user-defined voltage and current presets; USB port for programming and running ramp/soak cycles with 20 programmable sets of voltage/current and varying test durations (up to 999 cycles). Complete with power cords.