Extech 96VFL13  

96VFL13: 1/4 DIN Temperature PID Controller with 4-20mA Output

Fuzzy Logic PID, Auto Tuning, and Soft Start features

96VFL13 Temperature PID controller offers Fuzzy Logic enhanced PID and a Soft-Start feature which protects heaters from cold-starts. PID plus Fuzzy Logic tackles even the most demanding applications, eliminating over-shoot, unwanted process fluctuations, and drift. The Soft Start feature is ideally suited for processes, such as those employed in the Thermo-Plastics industry, where careful, exact, and slow heating of product is required. Accepts thermocouple and RTD inputs. Single stage Ramp and Soak program with Ramp-to-Set point Limit that can be combined with the Soft Start feature for critical process demands. Complete with mounting bracket hardware and screw terminals for easy wiring. Also available with 2 relay outputs (96VFL11).