Extech 380976-K  

380976-K: Single Phase/Three Phase 1000A AC Power Clamp Meter Kit

Measures Current, Resistance, Temperature (Type K), and Power

The 380976-K is a Single Phase/3 Phase 1,000 Amp AC Power Clamp Meter Kit. Measures 1/3-Phase True Power (kW), Apparent Power (kVA), Reactive Power (kVAR), Horsepower (HP), Power Factor, and Phase Angle with Lead/Lag indicator. Auto Detect AC/DC Voltage measurements with simultaneous frequency display. In addition, the supplied test lead kit includes two CAT IV 72" test leads, 2 modular test probe handles, 2 plunger activated jaw clips, and 2 extra-large alligator clips. Complete with test lead kit, Type K probe, carrying case and 9V battery.