Extech Wireless Moisture Meter Uses App to Remotely Troubleshoot Moisture Damage and Restoration

Extech Wireless Moisture Meter Uses App to Remotely Troubleshoot Moisture Damage and Restoration

Friday, May 24, 2019

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Extech recently announced the launch of the MO55W an advanced pin and pinless moisture meter with wireless data streaming for remote monitoring and datalogging. The new meter is designed for use in all building moisture measurement applications -- from moisture and restoration to lumber testing, to building inspections. Professionals can remotely view real-time moisture readings and datalog using the ExView® W-Series app on smartphones and tablets.

The MO55W is optimized for water damage restoration technicians, construction and building contractors, building inspectors, as well as concrete and woodworking professionals.

View Readings No Matter Where a Meter is Placed
The innovative new meter includes a Bluetooth® module for wireless connectivity to iOS® and Android™ devices. The MO55W transmits real-time moisture data for monitoring, trending, reporting and analysis. Moisture and restoration professionals can use a smartphone or tablet for easy viewing of readings when the meter is positioned in an awkward, concealed or hard-to-read location. To improve collaborative teamwork on a job site, managers can monitor drying progress of a meter in use in another room, floor, or outside at the truck (up to 10m/33ft away).

Expanded Mobile Versatility
From a time-saving perspective, the MO55W lets technicians perform and record readings throughout a site while easily viewing readings on an iPhone®, iPad® or Android device with a large, easy-to-read numerical readout and analog-style bar-graph. To monitor drying progress, the datalogging sample rate can be adjusted according to a job’s requirements using the app.

To simplify reporting, readings can be easily exported to an Excel® file to send to customers, managers or colleagues using your device’s email app. High and low alarms can be set on the app to alert the user of abnormal moisture conditions and up to 15,000 datalogged readings can be stored with color coding to indicate alarm events. The app’s camera mode allows photo-documenting of a job site and testing conditions, complete with a date and timestamp and current reading value. Photos simplify record-keeping at large sites by clearly recording where and when readings were taken, helping to monitor drying progress with before, during and after photos.

Moisture Testing with Pin and Pinless Flexibility
The sturdy, yet compact MO55W can function as a pin-type meter with easy-to-use controls for quick assessments of moisture conditions. Get quick moisture level percentage readings near the surface (~0.3", 8mm depth) of wood and building materials such as floors and subfloors, sheetrock, plaster and concrete. When pin-type readings are needed, users can simply remove the protective cap to use the pin probes.

In addition to pin-type readings, the meter’s flexible pinless mode permits quick, below-the-surface readings of wood and building materials without damaging finished or exposed surfaces. Easy to use, the non-invasive meter measures moisture nearly an inch (25mm) depth. Plus, the flat sensor on the rear of the meter together with a helpful audible alert tone that beeps more quickly as moisture levels increase makes it easy to scan walls, ceilings, floors and other building material surfaces for changes in moisture levels. The new MO55W is ideal when monitoring the progress of a dry-out with moisture readings.

The LCD display couples the large numerical reading (with 0.1% resolution) with graphical raindrop icons that indicate low, medium and high moisture levels for quick, at-a-glance testing. At less than 7”, the compact design makes it easy to reach into difficult or tight locations for quick measurements. The meter’s data-hold function locks a reading on the display for note-taking or sharing with customers. Added conveniences include a battery-saving auto-power-off function, a battery level indicator, and a measurement verification self-test feature.

The mobile-enabled, pocket-friendly moisture meter comes complete with two pins (installed on the meter), a protective pin cover cap, Bluetooth wireless datalogging module (DAT12), 9V battery and soft case. The meter is backed by Extech’s one-year warranty.

To learn more, please visit MO55W product page. To download the app, click here:
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