Extech Unveils Drop-Proof, Weather-Proof, High-Temperature Infrared Thermometer for Go-Anywhere Troubleshooting

Extech Unveils Drop-Proof, Weather-Proof, High-Temperature Infrared Thermometer for Go-Anywhere Troubleshooting

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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Extech today announced the launch of the IR320, a ruggedized, dual-laser infrared (IR) thermometer designed to tackle tough jobs indoors and out. The new thermometer is designed for electrical contractors and plant maintenance technicians who face an array of temperature diagnostic challenges from overheating motors and pumps, to corroded electrical connections, failed steam traps, premature wear on processing equipment, as well as faulty HVAC and refrigeration systems.

Extech designed the new full-size infrared thermometer, also known as a spot IR pyrometer, to withstand rough duty usage. The IR320 survives falls off a ladder from heights up to nearly 10 feet (3m). With an ingress protection rating of IP65, the meter is dustproof and easily handles wet environments, from rainy outdoors to water-intensive manufacturing processes. 

For improved accuracy, the IR320 features two laser pointers to visually show a 1” (25mm) measurement spot at the optimal 12" (30.48cm) distance. The 12:1 distance to spot ratio adds a layer of safety for technicians by permitting non-contact temperature readings at a safe distance from dangerous energized or moving equipment. To expand its testing versatility across a much wider range of plant and electrical equipment, Extech added a higher temperature range spanning to 1202°F (650°C) and adjustable emissivity for different surfaces.

To make it easier to scan equipment at job sites for trouble, maintenance professionals can set up high and low alarm thresholds to trigger when abnormal conditions are detected. The thermometer’s innovative alert system flashes a bright blue LED for low temperature alarms and a red LED for high temperature alarms. The fast-responding thermometer and color-coded functionality allows a user to quickly scan electrical and plant components and focus on identifying anomalies without constantly evaluating specific temperature values on the display.

Other useful features include a bright backlight for easy viewing of the multifunction display, trigger lock for continuous measurements without trigger fatigue and a tripod mount for more extended, fixed location measurements (using the TR100 tripod available separately). Useful data features like data hold, minimum, maximum, average and differential values (T2-T1) yield added insights to identify trends or unusual conditions while conducting equipment inspections.  

For added peace of mind, the IR320 is backed by Extech’s three-year warranty and comes with a 9-volt battery and a soft carrying case.  Learn more about the new spot pyrometer here: IR320 Product Page.
How to Order: Extech’s new IR320 is available now from Extech distributors around the world. To find a distributor in your area, please visit our website. 
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