Extech Launches Two Pocket-Sized Light Meters

Extech Launches Two Pocket-Sized Light Meters

Thursday, June 21, 2018

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Extech recently announced the launch of two compact light meters making quality measurements of visible and ultraviolet light more convenient and accessible—for professionals and consumers alike. The LT505 is a wide-range, general-use light meter while the UV505 meter measures ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the UVA and B ranges. Unlike comparable meters, the new 505 meters can be stored practically anywhere, measuring 5.3" tall and 1.9" wide (133x48mm).

UV505 Pocket UV-AB Light Meter

UV exposure measurement in both A and B wavelengths is critical in the outdoors for worksite or recreational activity. The new UV505 meter can perform routine monitoring of sunlight UV levels for anyone vulnerable to extended UV exposure, such as construction workers, contractors and surveyors, agriculture, forestry, landscaping and fishing workers.

The meter can also aid in measuring UV light exposure related to determining the optimal window tint film; quickly measuring UV intensity from LED, halogen, HID, and compact fluorescent lighting products; UV filter testing; industrial applications; UV commercial offset printing and archival preservation. UV can also be measured using the UV505 in archival applications such as document storage sites, libraries, museums or archives where UVA exposure can fade or damage vulnerable items or building materials such as carpeting, woodwork, upholstery textiles, wallpaper and paint.

The pocket-sized UV505 meter’s sensor has a wavelength spectrum spanning from 290 to 390nm with cosine correction. The UV505 measures the intensity of ultraviolet radiation in energy (watts) per square centimeter received per second -- in two ranges (1 to 3999 μW/cm², 0.01 to 40 mW/cm²) with high resolution, 1 μW/cm².

Extech LT505 Pocket Light Meter

The new LT505 is a robust light meter that delivers for general use across a range of applications. For example, the LT505 can aid in testing lighting levels to validate new lighting installations, upgrades or help to confirm on-demand lighting systems are in compliance. Workplace hygienists can ensure adequate lighting at workstations is in place to ease eyestrain and improve productivity. For occupational safety and for safety in commercial facilities, lighting tests should be performed in parking garages, warehouses, corridors and areas with limited monitoring.  The LT505 can measure light intensity up to 40,000 Foot-candles (400,000 Lux) with 0.01 Fc/0.1 Lux resolution. Like the UV505, the light meter provides cosine correction but is also complemented by a color correction filter.

Both meters feature an easy to read backlit display showing readings and the selected unit. Useful data functions include data hold, as well as minimum and maximum readings on the LT505. A zero function allows the user to quickly reset the meter to zero or calibrate the meter (LT505). Both meters offer Auto-Power-Off to preserve battery life. A tripod mount lets users set up the meter with consistent placement to avoid variability in routine measurements (using an optional tripod, TR100).

The new meters are backed by a one-year warranty and come with two AAA batteries and a storage pouch.

Learn more here:  UV505  & LT505 

How to Order: Extech’s new 505 series meters are available now from Extech distributors around the world. To find a distributor in your area, please visit our website. 
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