Extech Wireless Hygro-Thermometer Expands Site Coverage up to 8 Locations

Extech Wireless Hygro-Thermometer Expands Site Coverage up to 8 Locations

Monday, May 14, 2018


Extech Instruments, a world leader in test and measurement tools, recently announced the launch of the RH200W multi-channel wireless hygro-thermometer. The new meter accurately tracks and displays temperature and humidity readings with up to eight remote sensors for extensive coverage of a facility. From factories to greenhouses, to museums and archives, to offices and commercial sites, the new Extech RH200W is equipped to give users the big picture on temperature and humidity conditions.

Facilities maintenance technicians and HVAC/R technicians use the new multi-channel hygro-thermometer to quickly investigate temperature and humidity complaints around an office, factory or other commercial space.  With real-time readings for up to eight locations, the RH200W can be used to effectively monitor and identify abnormal climate-control conditions. 

By monitoring multiple points at a site, indoor air quality (IAQ) and occupational hygiene managers can use the RH200W to identify issues such as poor ventilation, too-hot/-cold conditions and too-high/-low humidity levels that impact workplace productivity and potentially increase illness-related absenteeism.

The base station connects wirelessly with remote sensors that can be placed up to almost 100 ft (30m) away indoors or outdoors. The display cycles temperature and humidity readings from each sensor in use with large 1.3" (33mm) digits that are easily read across a room. In addition to numerical readings, trend arrow icons indicate whether levels are rising, falling or stable. Comfort-level icons show if air quality is too dry, too humid or optimal. Minimum and maximum readings help identify the range of readings. A snowflake icon appears when temperatures fall below 37.4°F (3°C). Plus, an automatic night-light illuminates the display for easy viewing at night or in dark conditions.

Backed by Extech's one-year warranty, the RH200W includes one base station and one remote sensor/transmitter with 6 AA batteries. Up to seven additional remote sensors, model RH200W-T can be purchased separately (eight total) for use with one base station. Learn more about the new wireless hygro-thermometer: Extech.com/rh200w .

How to Order: Extech's new meters are available now from Extech distributors around the world. To find a distributor, please visit our website: US click here, International click here.