New Extech Sound Level Monitor Aids in Noise Compliance

New Extech Sound Level Monitor Aids in Noise Compliance

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

1200x628_SL130WExtech recently announced the launch of the SL130W Sound Level Alert with Alarm. Featuring built-in LEDs that alert users when the sound level is too high or too low, the SL130W is ideal for occupational safety and health, hospital patient care compliance, public performance regulations, schools and other areas where there is a need for being alerted when sound level reaches set points.

Designed to be compliant to OSHA and meet ANSI Type 2 and EN 60651 accuracy specification, the Extech SL130W promotes safe sound levels by actively monitoring sound levels in sites such as auditoriums, ICU patient rooms and noisy workplaces. Bright red flashing or green LEDs are easily visible, even in large spaces up to 100 feet away (30m). Users can configure the SL130W to activate flashing red LEDs when a sound level is too high, exceeding safe hearing limits, or too low, in settings where an audience may not effectively hear a performance. Green LEDs indicate compliant sound levels defined by the user’s high and low thresholds (30 to 130dB). Plus, the color coding can be reversed to suit the application requirements (such as darkly lit sites where red may be preferred to indicate normal range conditions).

Along with bright light indicators, a jumbo-sized LCD shows decibel readings and a digital bargraph to illustrate fluctuations. A large, reverse text “OVER” text indicator also communicates excessively high sound levels detected.

To aid in high-visibility alerting, the monitor’s dedicated alarm output jack can activate a remote alarm lighting device via relay. For optimal placement, the SL130W has numerous set-up options: tabletop or desk, wall mount, or using an optional tripod (TR100). Additionally, the microphone swivels 180° for proper aiming and an optional microphone extension cable allows users to place the microphone up to 15 ft (5m) away for remote monitoring convenience.

The SL130W is backed by Extech’s one-year warranty and is available with optional calibration traceable to NIST. The new monitor comes complete with power adaptor and microphone windscreen. Learn more:

How to Order: Extech’s new sound level monitor is available now directly from Extech or from distributors around the world. To find a distributor in your area, please visit our website: US click here and International click here