Extech Combo EMF Meter Aids Occupational Safety & Health Inspections

Extech Combo EMF Meter Aids Occupational Safety & Health Inspections

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The versatile Extech EMF450 does the job of three meters in one, measuring Magnetic Field, Electric Field and Radio Frequency Strength. With a very compact, pocket-sized design and a bright, graphical color display, the EMF450 is easy to stow and easy to use for safety audits and inspections related to electromagnetic fields.

Health concerns related to electromagnetic fields have become an area of focus for occupational safety and health professionals around the world. In the US, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has researched how to protect workers from proven and possible EMF and RF health risks from sources such as broadcast antennas, induction heaters and furnaces, cell phones, Wi-Fi networks, high voltage power lines and substations, as well as DC motors in applications ranging from industrial manufacturing to hybrid electric vehicles.

Extech’s new EMF meter is designed for industrial hygienists and researchers who are responsible for measuring occupational exposures to EMFs. The multi-field measurement capabilities of the EMF450 can be used for EMF epidemiologic studies and health hazard evaluations in residential, occupational and transportation settings. The magnetic field triple axis sensor (X, Y, Z) aids in the recognition, evaluation, and control of RF, magnetic and electrical fields to inform recommendations for occupational health policies.

The ergonomic meter features a large 2.4" color display with adjustable brightness and an audible alarm for high reading levels. Useful data functions to aid with testing and measurement include data hold which freezes readings on the display and memory storage for up to 20 RF records. 

The EMF450 is backed by Extech with a one-year warranty and comes complete with three AAA batteries and a USB power cable. 

Learn more by visiting http://www.extech.com/emf450.