Extech Accelerates Automotive Inspections with New Combo Paint Meter

Extech Accelerates Automotive Inspections with New Combo Paint Meter

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

With measurement capabilities like automatic switching between steel and aluminum measurement modes and a backlit rotating display, the new CG104 is designed to speed up paint inspections at high-volume automotive auctions, to increase certainty in high-value appraisals, and to implement quality assurance best practices at auto body shops.

Instead of relying on visual inspections for unmatched colors in the glare of warehouse lighting or vehicle history reports that lack sufficient detail on auto body repairs, now automotive buyers, body technicians, and inspectors are opting for the new Extech CG104 as an affordable option for accurate measurements and advanced inspection capabilities. Plus, as more and more automakers employ aluminum to reduce weight and improve vehicle dynamics, a combination paint meter has become a must-have to eliminate guesswork. 

The new paint meter (also known as a coating thickness tester, dry film thickness (DFT) gauge or “mil” gauge) powers up instantly when placed on a surface and can rapidly survey body panels on cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans even when vehicles have both steel (ferrous) and aluminum (nonferrous) panels. 

With versatile measurement ranges of 0 to 2000μm (0 to 80.0mils) for ferrous substrates and 0 to 1000μm (0 to 40.0mils) for nonferrous substrates, the easy-to-use tester automatically recognizes which material is being inspected and switches between magnetic induction for ferrous substrates and eddy current measurement for non-ferrous substrates. 

The large display is backlit and rotates for easy viewing in dark warehouses even when the meter is upside down. Easy to calibrate, the paint thickness meter also provides several data functions to aid in inspections. High and low limits can be configured to set off an audible alarm when readings exceed acceptable levels. Minimum, maximum and average calculations help highlight abnormal readings while a 255-reading memory with record and recall functions help track multiple readings without a notepad. Auto-Hold freezes a reading on the display making it easy to show a colleague a reading or move to another part of the vehicle without losing a reading.

The CG104 is backed by Extech with a one-year warranty and comes complete with wrist strap, soft storage case, two AAA batteries, iron and aluminum calibration plates, and one standard coating plate film. 

Learn more by visiting http://www.extech.com/CG104.