3-Channel Millivolt and Milliamp Dataloggers Optimized for HVACR & IAQ Process Control Diagnostics

3-Channel Millivolt and Milliamp Dataloggers Optimized for HVACR & IAQ Process Control Diagnostics

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SD900 V2Extech Instruments today announced the new SD900 and SD910 3-channel DC current and DC voltage dataloggers. The new data recording instruments are optimized for extended monitoring of milliamp (SD900) and millivolt (SD910) signals throughout a commercial, industrial or residential facility.   

HVAC/R and Indoor Air Quality technicians, as well as “smart building” engineers now have a choice for affordable tools to validate efficient system operation and to identify trends that can impact uptime, air quality or system efficiency. Use the new dataloggers throughout a site to monitor diverse process systems regulated or monitored using milliamp (e.g., 4-20mA) or millivolt signals (e.g., controls, controller electronics, indicators). Extended monitoring can help reveal problems in complex HVAC environments.

The compact datalogging instruments offer users a durable design with flexible programming configurations and the convenience of datalogging readings in Excel format directly onto an SD card. Both the SD900 and SD910 feature a large, backlit triple display, showing all three readings simultaneously for easy, at-a-glance viewing (as well as simplified programming and configuration). The SD900 logs DC current from 0 to 20mA with high resolution (0.01mA). The SD910 records DC voltage in one of two ranges, 0-300.0 mV with 0.1mV resolution or 0-3000mV with 1 mV resolution. 

As part of Extech’s expansive family of datalogging instruments that tap the convenience of portable SD-card memory, the SD900 and SD910 record data directly into a Microsoft Excel®-friendly file. For users in a fast-paced environment, this helps to eliminate error-prone file conversions or difficulties configuring cables for data transfer. While the display indicates real-time measurements, data are saved to a 4GB SD card (included) for easy transfer to a laptop or PC. Sampling rates can be set from once every 2 seconds to once every 10 minutes. Up to 2.7 million readings can be stored on one SD card (capacity expandable using additional SD cards up to 16GB, not included). Readings are time- and date-stamped enabling quick access to critical time periods. (An RS232 output also permits real-time data streaming to a computer using the optional Extech 407001‐USB cable and CD driver kit).      

Both models come complete with a built-in tilt stand, 4 GB SD memory card, 3 input connect sockets, 6 AAA batteries (for clock operation) and a universal AC power adaptor. Learn more here: SD900: www.extech.com/SD900, SD910: www.extech.com/SD910.