Extech Coating Thickness Gauge Aids Tank & Pressure Vessel Condition Monitoring

Extech Coating Thickness Gauge Aids Tank & Pressure Vessel Condition Monitoring

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Makers of the best handheld test and measurement tools, recently announced the launch of the new CG206 Coating Thickness Tester. With capabilities like automatic substrate recognition and a continuous monitoring mode, the new coating thickness tester is designed to accelerate condition monitoring inspections of industrial storage equipment, tanks and vessels in manufacturing, petrochemical, shipyard and power transmission sites.

The new coating thickness tester (also known as a paint thickness gauge or “mil” gauge) can be used to inspect plant equipment that is prone to damage, corrosion or deterioration, including chemical or oil storage tanks, boilers and pressure vessels. In addition to examining newly installed equipment for quality control, plant maintenance technicians can use the Extech CG206 for periodic condition monitoring to identify changes that indicate a potential structural weakness or failure.

With a versatile measurement range of 0 to 1350μm (0 to 53mils), the easy to use tester automatically recognizes substrates being inspected and uses either magnetic induction for ferrous substrates or eddy current measurement for non-ferrous substrates. For use in a range of bright or dark job sites, the dot-matrix display offers 8-level adjustable backlighting. 

CG206Measurements can be taken either one at a time (single mode) or continuously. A “V” notch in the probe sleeve permits thickness testing on tubing or cylindrical components in addition to general flat surface use. Along with easy calibration, a zero offset mode enables users to perform relative measurements of known materials. Up to 1,500 readings can be stored directly or in groups (30 group capacity).  Readings can be viewed on-screen or downloaded via USB cable to a PC for analysis, reporting or archiving using the included software.

To conserve battery, the CG206 automatically powers down after 3 minutes of inactivity. When constant-on functioning is required, users can easily disable the automatic power-off mode.
The CG206 is backed by Extech with a one-year warranty and comes complete with two AAA batteries, USB cable, software, iron and aluminum calibration plates, precision standards, and a storage pouch.

Learn more by visiting http://www.extech.com/CG206.