Product Spotlight: Extech PH90 Waterproof pH Meter

Product Spotlight: Extech PH90 Waterproof pH Meter

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Extech PH90Since their development in the 70’s, digital pH meters have become indispensable measurement tools for chemists, food manufacturing, and water quality testing. As pH meters have become more portable, accessible and cost efficient, homeowners and DIY enthusiasts have sought reliable pH meters as well. The Extech PH90 is the latest in Extech's digital water quality meters. 

The PH90 will test the full 14 point pH range at a 0.01 pH resolution, ensuring that your measurement is precise, accurate and more than capable of performing professional applications, everything from food processing to chemical lab work. Its durable housing will take the beating of regular use and it’s IP57 rating means it’s ready for measuring pH in solids, semi-solids, or liquids, whatever you have to throw at it. The PH90 makes measuring pH easier on you with its built-in Automatic Temperature Compensation function, helping to make sure that your measurements are no longer thrown off by temperature. Its PTS (percent of slope) function tells you when it's time to replace your electrode (below 70% or above 130%). Additional features include a 2 or 3 point calibration which automatically recognizes buffer solutions, simultaneous display of pH and temperature, Data Hold, Min/Max, Auto Power Off, and low battery indication.

So, you’re not someone who depends on a pH meter in a professional setting? Not a problem. In fact, you might be missing out on the cost-saving potential of a digital pH meter at home and at a $99.99 price tag the cost-benefit to owning one is more enticing than ever. Digital pH meters, like the PH90, are the most efficient way to treat household stains. Simply calibrate your meter and test the pH value to identify your optimal cleaning option (the opposite pH value of the stain for balance). This diagnoses the most effective method to salvaging your carpet and furniture, PH90’s flat surface electrode for direct contact measurements, is easy to clean and is intuitively operational (just don’t forget to calibrate).

Digital pH meters like the PH90 are also ideal for many DIY applications. Making your own beer or wine? pH meters aren’t only useful in large manufacturing operations which concern themselves with yield (though pH can dictate yield), you’re an artisan, or, an aspiring one. Make your creation to your specification and taste quality, that’s the point, right? Other DIY applications include anything from making your own cheese to producing soap that is less irritable to your skin.

Working with a pH meter in the kitchen is useful for the same reason you would want one for your new brewing hobby, taste. The wrong pH balance in a recipe could lead to a disaster in the kitchen. You could be one meter away from creating better baked goods than mom ever thought of.

All of this is to say nothing (until now) of the pH meter’s most obvious application, water testing. Test the pH of your drinking water to neutral and be sure you’re only gulping down the purest H2O around and while you’re at it, measure your pool’s pH to 7.4 to reduce irritation to your skin and eyes (may also save you from the damaging effects on pool liners in a low pH environment).

The PH90 is CE certified, has a year warranty and is complete with a flat surface pH electrode, protective sensor cap, and two 3V CR-2032 button batteries. (Calibration solutions sold separately)

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