Extech Multifunction Flexible Clamp Meter Accesses Cables in the Most Crowded Spots

Extech Multifunction Flexible Clamp Meter Accesses Cables in the Most Crowded Spots

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Extech’s flexible clamp meter offers a measurement range up to 3000A AC along with True RMS accuracy. Electrical contractors get maximum versatility for current measurements without compromising essential multimeter functionality.

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For challenging commercial electrical work, Extech’s MA3110 flexible clamp meter makes it easier to access difficult-to-reach areas and around large or rigid conductors such as bus bars. Thanks to a slender 8mm cable diameter, the flexible clamp meter reduces frustrations by allowing electrical workers to access wires in compact conduit outlet bodies, or cabinets crammed with wires, with minimal disruption to the installation. Electricians can wrap the 11 inch (28cm) flex cable around a challenging conductor and secure it with the glove-friendly twist-lock connector.

A high 3000A current rating expands the meter’s capabilities and applications while the CAT III-1000V/CAT IV-600V over-voltage rating ensures safety in demanding environments.  As a True RMS meter, the MA3110 delivers accurate readings even when measuring noisy, distorted or non-sinusoidal waveforms.  Confidently use the flex clamp meter for commercial electrical jobs including new installations and repairs. In plant maintenance, they are useful for troubleshooting equipment while in operation, helping to reduce downtime or costlier after-hours work. 

The auto-ranging meter has a large 6000 count display (with battery status indicator) and opts for a simple multi-button interface that is easy to operate while wearing gloves. In addition to its robust current measurement function, using the MA3110’s test leads, an electrical contractor can measure voltage, resistance and capacitance as well as test for continuity and test diodes. A dedicated data hold button freezes a displayed reading when needed.

To conserve battery life, the MA3110 automatically powers down after 15 minutes of inactivity. When constant-on functioning is required, the automatic power-off mode can be disabled.

Compared to single function flex clamp meters and flex clamp current adaptors that rely on a separate multimeter or clamp meter to display readings, the MA3110 eliminates device clutter, making it easy to operate a flexible clamp and perform DMM testing without additional test equipment in hand.

Extech’s new MA3110 Flex Clamp Meter comes complete with test leads and two AAA batteries. It is UL listed and for added peace of mind, Extech backs the MA3110 with a one-year limited warranty. Learn more by visiting http://www.extech.com/MA3110