Health and Safety with Extech

Health and Safety with Extech

Friday, January 20, 2017


A healthy and safe environment is crucial for our wellbeing and our peace of mind. That’s why Extech is fully committed to producing such a diverse line of reliable test and measurement equipment. The products you’ll find in our Extech catalog monitor air and water quality, measure sound and light levels and detect environmental conditions from dangerous combustible gas leaks to uncomfortable heat and humidity levels – all based on your preferences.

Whether managing humidity is important in your work space or you simply want a quick reference of your environment conditions, Extech’s wide range of humidity and hygrometers are up to the task. On one end you have the cost effective RH35, a desktop Hygro-thermometer which monitors humidity, temperature, and dew point that can alert you to indoor mold hazard conditions. The RH35 makes the readings intuitively easy to understand. A frown icon on the meter’s “radar” LCD provides a quick reference to dry conditions, while an alarm and red LED alert you to excessive humidity conducive to mold.

On the other end, we offer graphical, datalogging, humidity, temperature and dew point monitors like the RH520A. The  RH520A records humidity and temperature over time, then calculates and extracts dew point, wet bulb and GPP. The internal memory records up to 49,000 data points – accessible via the included PC software that produces scrollable charts for process condition monitoring. The  RH520A also has audible and visual alarms plus the flexibility to set the high and low points to your specifications. Both Humidity meters come with a one-year warranty. Learn more about our hygrometers here.

Professionals who monitor the installations or inspections of utilities, pipes, fire safety and more know that gas detectors can be a crucial health and safety tool. That is where the  EZ40 “EzFlex” combustible gas detector excels. The  EZ40 will detect natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, butane, acetone, gasoline and more -- alerting the user via visible and audible alarms. The  EZ40 is quick and reliable, has high sensitivity, and can be operated with one hand. The 16” flexible gooseneck cable contorts to slip into places you couldn’t otherwise. The EZ40 also features a sensitivity adjustment control which allows you to eliminate background gas levels if the need arises. Visit our gas detector catalog page here.

Perhaps you’re trying to precisely monitor the conditions of your garden soil or you’re concerned with the pH level in your shampoo, lotions or even your pool. Whatever the need, the PH110 refillable pH meter is on the job.  The  PH110 is rugged and features a flat surface refillable electrode. Intended to test for pH in liquids, semi-solids or solids, the  PH110 eliminates pesky electrode clogs, breakages, or shelf life problems that non-refillable pH meters often suffer from. This pH meter is highly accurate, is fast and reliable, and can recognize buffer solutions automatically. Click here for other water quality testers that test for chlorine, turbidity, fluoride, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen and ORP.

While the use of efficient LED lighting is on the rise in homes and workplace environments, many light meters are not fully capable of providing consistent and reliable LED measurements. That is not an issue for the LT40, which was designed to measure the illuminance of white LED lights. The LT40 is also capable of measuring standard lighting in Lux or Foot-candles. This meter features a 4000 count LCD display. Upgrade to the LT45 and manually store and recall up to 99 readings and measure color LED’s with cosine and color-corrected measurements as well. Find information on these light meters and others like it here

Whether it’s a loud manufacturing plant or concert speakers that may be too close for comfort, monitor your dB exposure with an Extech sound or decibel meter. The 407732 is a dual range, sound level meter which meets ANSI and IEC 651 Type 2 standards. The 407732 measures 35 to 100dB in its low range and 65 to 130 dB in its high range, and it features data and max hold functions as well as a backlit LCD display for viewing in dimly lit areas. Follow this link to our Sound Meter catalog.

Health and Safety monitoring can be critical. When it is, Extech has the monitoring solutions for you. Visit all of our Health and Safety products here.