Featuring Wireless Connectivity for Moisture & Electrical Testing, DC Power Supply, Stopwatch, and Data Acquisition Software for Datalogging With Your Extech Meters!

Extech Launches New Inspection and Monitor Products

The innovative new Moisture (MO55W) and Multimeter (MM750W) include a Bluetooth® module (DAT12) for wireless connectivity to iOS® and Android™ devices (up to 10m/33ft away). They transmit real-time data for monitoring, trending, reporting and analysis. Moisture and restoration professionals can use a smartphone or tablet for easy viewing of readings when the MO55W moisture meter is positioned in an awkward, concealed or hard-to-read location. The MM750W multimeter allows electricians and plant maintenance professionals to monitor and datalog readings at a safe distance from energized equipment, moving components and other hazards.

Extech’s DCP36 power supply has 80W constant power topology and autoranging Voltage and Current outputs. This compact and lightweight unit is portable and ideal for tight workbenches with limited space. It features 3 programmable presets, front/rear output terminals, and remote sensing for accurate applied voltage at load point.

When your application calls for a timer, choose Extech’s STW515 stopwatch/clock. It features a 12/24-hour clock and a programmable alarm with hourly chime. It also has three Stopwatch Modes: Elapsed Timer, Split Time, and Two-Competitor Timer. The backlight is handy for viewing at night or in dimly lit areas and turns off automatically after five seconds. Calendar displays day, month, and weekday.

Last, but not least, convert select Extech meters to a datalogger! The 407001-PRO software allows users to live stream data, from compatible meters, to a Windows®-based PC while storing the collected data for later analysis. Collected data can be graphed and reports can be generated using spreadsheet and notepad apps and programs. For multi-channel products, users can color-code each channel. It also has user-programmable High/Low alarms that display red (above high limit) or blue (below) dots in an alarm condition.

Learn more about these exciting new products below! Tough Tools for Tough Budgets as you’ve come to expect from Extech!


  • MO55W - Wireless Datalogging Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter
  • MM750W - Wireless Datalogging CAT IV True RMS Multimeter
  • DCP36 - 80 Watt Switching Mode DC Power Supply
  • STW515 - Stopwatch/Clock with Backlit Display
  • 407001-PRO - Data Acquisition Software