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CTH10A - Digital Clock/Hygro-ThermometerNew Product
CTH10A - Digital Clock/Hygro-Thermometer

Large Wall/Desktop Clock with Calendar, Temperature and Relative Humidity Functions

365510 - Stopwatch/Clock365510 - Stopwatch/Clock

Digital LCD Stopwatch plus Calendar and Alarm

365515 - Stopwatch/Clock with Backlit Display365515 - Stopwatch/Clock with Backlit Display

Digital LCD Stopwatch plus Calendar and Alarm

365535 - Decimal Stopwatch/Clock365535 - Decimal Stopwatch/Clock

Water resistant decimal stopwatch/clock with user-selectable resolutions

445702 - Hygro-Thermometer Clock445702 - Hygro-Thermometer Clock

Combines 3 displays for Time, Temperature, and Humidity

445706 - Hygro-Thermometer Alarm Clock445706 - Hygro-Thermometer Alarm Clock

9"x12" Desktop or Wall-mount Alarm Clock with 5 languages

CTH10 - Radio-Controlled Wall Clock Hygro-ThermometerCTH10 - Radio-Controlled Wall Clock Hygro-Thermometer

Super Large 4.3" (109mm) Digit Clock Display

HW30 - HeatWatch™ Humidity/Temperature StopwatchHW30 - HeatWatch™ Humidity/Temperature Stopwatch

Digital UP/DOWN timer displays Temperature, Humidity, and Heat Index

365545 - Big Digit Countdown TimerDiscontinued Product
365545 - Big Digit Countdown Timer

Timer with large LCD, Memory and Programmable alarm

375475 - Programmable Daily or Weekly Time SwitchDiscontinued Product
375475 - Programmable Daily or Weekly Time Switch

Program up to 6 ON & 6 OFF switchings per day or week

44533 - Hygro Thermometer Wall ClockDiscontinued Product
44533 - Hygro Thermometer Wall Clock

Distinctive wall clock includes Temperature and Humidity Indicators

44535 - Wall Mount Weather Station ClockDiscontinued Product
44535 - Wall Mount Weather Station Clock

Three Hi-Tech displays - Clock, Humidity, and Temperature

44537 - World Time ClockDiscontinued Product
44537 - World Time Clock

Displays calendar and temperature plus time from major cities around the world

44539 - Executive Desktop ClockDiscontinued Product
44539 - Executive Desktop Clock

Executive style desktop clock includes Temperature and Humidity indicators

445810 - Radio-Controlled Thermometer Calendar/ClockDiscontinued Product
445810 - Radio-Controlled Thermometer Calendar/Clock

Receives Time Code from NIST Radio Station WWVB

WTH100 - Radio-Controlled Wireless Weather StationDiscontinued Product
WTH100 - Radio-Controlled Wireless Weather Station

Receives Time Code from NIST Radio Station WWVB

445705 - Hygro-Thermometer Alarm ClockDiscontinued Product
445705 - Hygro-Thermometer Alarm Clock

Large LCD displays %RH, Temperature, Time, Month and Date plus Clock Alarm

365528 - Stopwatch/TimerDiscontinued Product
365528 - Stopwatch/Timer

Large function keys for digital clock readings plus UP/DOWN timer and alarm

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