Extech Launches New Measurement Tools for Lighting, HVAC/R, Environmental/Air Quality, and Sucrose Testing

Extech Launches New Inspection and Monitor Products

Explore the variety of light meter selections that measure light from natural and artificial sources and range from general light intensity to specific lighting types such as incandescent, UV-AB, and solar power efficiency.

Just name your most challenging lighting needs and Extech has you covered with our wide selection of products and features!

Extech also offers tools that support your environmental wellness needs with air quality meters that monitor residential and commercial spaces - measure indoor and outdoor temperature, and check relative humidity levels to ensure proper comfort levels.

For the HVAC/R professional, Extech offers troubleshooting tools such as a Waterproof IR Thermometer and a Refrigerant Leak Detector for checking indoor/outdoor ventilation systems.

Learn more about these exciting new products below! Tough Tools for Tough Budgets as you’ve come to expect from Extech!


  • LT505 - Autoranging Pocket Light Meter
  • UV505 - Pocket UV-AB Light Meter
  • SP505 - Pocket Solar Power Meter


  • IR270 - IR Thermometer with Color Alert
  • IR320 - Waterproof Dual Laser IR Thermometer with Alarm
  • RD200 - Refrigerant Leak Detector

Environmental/Air Quality

  • CO260 - Indoor Air Quality CO/CO₂ Meter and Datalogger
  • RHM16 - Mini Hygro-Thermometer Monitor
  • 401014A - Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer with Alarm

Sucrose (Brix)

  • RF153 - Digital Brix Refractometer